Winning Scratch Cards Strategies

Before we go one with our winning scratch card strategy there are a couple of things that you should not forget to avoid unpleasant surprises and make your fun of gaming to a nightmare. First of all you should remember that there are several online scratch cards websites offering their games on the internet and you need to pick the reputable ones to be sure that you will receive you winnings if you were lucky. Also and important thing to notice, that all scratch cards games are based on pure luck and that means no absolute guaranteed winnings strategies, although certain websites state the opposite.

Keeping the above in your mind, not let’s see a strategy that could bring you some money if you’re lucky enough and play clever. The basic idea of this strategy is similar to some ruolette strategies that are based ofincreasing your bets any time you lose to win your losses back. To play the strategy, first you need to find an online scratch cars website that lets you play the games with different stakes.

Based on our betting system you have to start with the lowest stake. In our example the game includes the following betting options: £0.1, £0.25, £0.5, £1, £2, £5, £10, £20, so you need to buy a £0.1 card andscratch it off. In case you won you continue with an other £0.1 card while you lost, increase your bet to the next possible stake meaning £0.25 in this example. If you happened to win more than the amount of your bet in the current round, then start again with the lowest stake and increase your bet again if you lost until you not win back more than your actual bet.

Finally some good advices to be sure that scratch card games bring a lot of fun to your life: Before using our system in real money games, it’s alwas a good idea to test your strategy in free play mode. As we stated at the beginning, because of the nature of the luck games, there is a small chance to not win at all until you reach the highest stake so it’s important that you should not build your existence on your scratch cards winnings. Always risk only the money that you don’t need and the loss is would be no problem for you. Keeping the above mentioned guidelines your gaming surely brings you excellent entertainment and probably makes you a winner.

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